a Makefile based static website generator https://git.lenzplace.org/lenzj/makehtml
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PGOT-LOC=pgot -i ":src/inc" -d '{"siteurl":"$(shell pwd)/bld/loc","dfile":"index.html"}'
PGOT-PUB=pgot -i ":src/inc" -d '{"siteurl":"https://$(MYSERVER)","dfile":""}'
CHUF=chuf '|||md+' '|||md-' markdown
INC=$(shell find src -type f -name '*.igot')
GOT=$(shell find src -type f -name '*.got')
RAW=$(shell find -L src -type f -name '*.raw')
CPY=$(shell find -L src -type f -name '*.cpy')
all loc: $(RAW:src/%.raw=bld/loc/%) \
$(CPY:src/%.cpy=bld/loc/%) \
pub: $(RAW:src/%.raw=bld/pub/%) \
$(CPY:src/%.cpy=bld/pub/%) \
bld/loc/% bld/pub/%: src/%.raw
@mkdir -p $(@D)
@echo "raw -> $@"
@cp $< $@
bld/loc/% bld/pub/%: src/%.cpy
@mkdir -p $(@D)
@echo "cpy -> $@"
@cp $< $@
bld/loc/%.html: src/%.got $(INC)
@mkdir -p $(@D)
@echo "pgot -> $@"
@$(PGOT-LOC) $< | $(CHUF) > $@
bld/pub/%.html: src/%.got $(INC)
@mkdir -p $(@D)
@echo "pgot -> $@"
@$(PGOT-PUB) $< | $(CHUF) > $@
cogit: bld/cogit.tar cogit-files.txt
@ echo "Moving cogit tarball to release folder"
mkdir -p ../makehtml-release
mv bld/cogit.tar ../makehtml-release/makehtml-cogit-$(shell date +"%Y-%m-%d").tar
bld/cogit.tar: $(CGSRT)
@mkdir -p $(@D)
@echo "generating $@"
@tar -T $< -cf $@
cogit-files.txt: $(CGSRT)
@echo "generating $@"
@while read CGFILE; do sha256sum -b "$$CGFILE"; done < $< > $@
$(CGSRT): $(RAW)
@find src -type f -name '*.raw' > $(CGTMP)
@sort < $(CGTMP) > $@
@rm -f $(CGTMP)
rm -Rf bld *.tmp
lint: loc
@grep -n -r '<no value>' bld/loc/ || true
.PHONY: all loc pub clean lint